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Magical Unicorn Plush

Magical Unicorn Plush

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Irresistibly Soft & Cuddly!  

Feeling lonely? Need someone to wrap your arms around at night? Our Magical Unicorn Plush is here for that!

Its soft texture & squishy body has a calming & relaxing effect that will help you sleep better during those cold, lonely nights!

 Comfortable Companion: Super soft, cute, and adorable stuffed unicorn that kids, teens, and adults will love!

 Premium Plush: These are no ordinary stuffed animals, our rainbow unicorns are unique and handmade, with high-quality material guaranteed to last a lifetime!

 Adorable companion: These cute unicorns will keep you company while you're studying, watching Netflix, sleepy nap time, and any other activities you like to do! 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are these adorable unicorns made of?
- They are made of durable plush with anti-wrinkle material and super soft cotton PP. The filling does not shrink or shift easily even after millions of hugs!

I Have An Older Daughter, Would This Be A Good Gift For Her?
- Of course! This is not just any Plushie, you are getting a soft, well stuffed, made with durable stitching, luxurious plushie family member. Great for children and adults!

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