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Hair Growth Treatment package

Hair Growth Treatment package

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Ginger extract - Re-growth hair root, treats dandruff and flaky skin, improve blood circulation.

Panax ginseng - Restores hair growth-cycle, promotes hair growth, Strengthens hair follicles.

Polygonum oil - Darkens your hair, Thikens your hair strands, Stimulate your scalp


Ingredients: Water, Glycerinum, Ginger extract, Ginseng extract, Polygonum, Grape seed oil, Glycerol, Carbonate, Propylene Glycol, Methylparaben. Our Hair Growth Sprays are packed with additional ingredients such as essential oils to nourish and cleanse your hair. Our hair growth sprays are sulfate free, silicone free and paraben free.

NET WT: 100ml + 2pcs 20ml + 30ml

We do not our finished products on animals. We also only purchase our ingredients from suppliers who do not on animals.

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